A legacy to be shared

At the heart of the Arrábida Natural Park, 11 hectares of pure nature where tradition comes to life.

With full respect for nature and tradition, our grand-father decided to dedicate himself giving a new life to this piece of enchanted land.

Old houses were renewed and made comfortable, keeping their original architectural identity.

Hundreds of trees were planted, creating a forest atmosphere, combined with hundreds of wild madrone trees and autochthonous vegetation.

Many other fruit trees were planted along the farm’s paths, as well as an orchard, where fruit can be hand picked.

We truly believe he was a visionary at his time. Building upon his vision, we decided to keep his project alive.

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QdA in a snapshot

Quinta da Arrábida · Icon farm

11 hectares of land with an enormous botanical diversity

Quinta da Arrábida · Icon house

fully equipped independent house with total privacy

Quinta da Arrábida · Icon orchad

Orchard with 140
seasonal fruit trees

Quinta da Arrábida · Icon greenhouse

Greenhouse for family
seeding activities, working as a maternity

Quinta da Arrábida · Icon animal farm

Animal farm with chickens,
ducks, rabbits and turkeys, delivering 8 to 10 eggs a day

Large swimming pool within a large garden area, fenced for children’s safety


Quinta da Arrábida
EN379-1, Casais da Serra
2925-318, Azeitão